Thursday, July 31, 2014

A dream

For years I was content just being a Labor and Delivery nurse, but then I thought about taking my skills over seas. I had a dream to go on a medical mission trip, I knew that God would use me, and didn't have a clue how I was going to accomplish this dream. I asked one of our doctors, he also happened to go to our church and left to go do a 5 year medical mission trip in Uganda. My talk with him was discouraging, he told me where he was in Africa, they didn't allow US nurses to work as a nurse. So I tucked my dreams of going overseas in the back of my mind.
In November of 2012 my husband told me about a meeting at a local restaurant, this meeting was looking to recruit nurses and student nurses for an upcoming trip to Kenya. The group recruiting was Project Humanity, a non-profit group started by Darren Tipton, and several nurses from my hospital had already traveled to Kenya with him! I listened and got the information, although I didn't have a clue what I was going to do, the opportunity was there, and I got nervous. 
We had gone to the meeting with another couple, she was a student nurse and wanted the experience, and as it turns out they had work that our husbands could do as well! We all signed up to leave the following March for an 11 day trip to Rusing Island in Kenya Africa!
Over a year and 3 more trips after the first one, I have started a blog to share stories about my adventures, as an overseas labor and delivery nurse! 
where does the name Purple Slip girl come from? You will have to read my next installment!
If you would like more information on Project Humanity and our work in developing countries check them out at