Friday, October 31, 2014

Loaves and Fishes and feeding the masses

Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, spoke up. "Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will it go among so many?" John 6:8-9

Leo and I had decided to go through all the supplies we had and see what meal planning we could do. We were surprised to find a bag  of popcorn, the kind you cook on the stove. Could we, I bet we could, we would try anyway!

We worked with the kids at Kibosom but because we were there, other kids would show up, mostly older ones. I’m sure seeing white people got their curiosity up as well as the free candy the flight attendants were handing out. While our group handed out the shoes and school supplies we had brought, these children looked on,  hoping that something would come their way. Leo and I decided to make the popcorn for these kids, the ones who had just showed up. Using the butane burner a large stock pot, foil for a lid, a little cooking oil and some salt, we made all the popcorn, enough to fill a paper grocery bag. I grabbed a large plastic spoon and we headed out to feed the masses. I asked Teddy and another helper to keep Leo and I from being trampled……smart move.
                                  A propane burner, a stockpot covered with foil!
                                                        Serving popcorn to the masses

The kids eagerly lined up shoving their way to try to make it to us before we ran out of the popcorn. We kept feeding and as soon as they got their helping they got back in line for seconds. There were dozens of kids, and they had at least 2 if not 3 helping of popcorn, the bag seemed bottomless. I truly believed God multiplied the popcorn that day just to give these kids a new experience and to reassure me that He will always provide more than enough…even simple things like popcorn!

If you would like to experience first how God provides and multiplies, go to and sign up for a trip.

                                      Trip after trip we never seem to run out!

Friday, October 24, 2014

God, please change my attitude....

Traveling for an extended period of time can get to you after a while, throw in 20 something strangers all with different personalities and lifestyles you are bound to clash eventually. Add losing a camera battery and the battery you do have, won’t charge. By midweek I needed an attitude adjustment. And I got it while working with the kids at the school, their sweet smiles and kind hearts can’t help but change you.  They have so little and yet they are so happy.

I started out the first week with Leo Trey Fetch cooking the lunch meals for our crew. This was a challenge and led to some interesting meals. Some tasty and some, not so much. I can say most of what we used was processed food items that people has packed at Project Humanity’s request. I have since learned that tuna and applesauce packets go a long way! Leo and I were able to figure out what we could add together and get a meal. Note to self -when cooking with someone you don’t know, make sure they read the direction on the soup base can before they add any to the pot……Saying that the meal was salty was an understatement. Leo added the entire contents of the canister when all we needed was a couple of tablespoons…
Most days at lunch  I would eat a cup of rice, or some diced tomatoes,  since I was not eating processed foods. I would like to say I lost a ton of weight.
Leo and I serving up lunch.

The PH crew eating a tasty meal

On day 4 I was able  to teach my art class, well sort of, by the time I had arrived the kids had already pretty much glued the triangles on their pages, I helped them  finish.  I had brought various bright colors of small cut triangles and  black construction paper and glue sticks to make a paper mosaic. There was no pattern to their placement, they just glued the colors they liked onto the page, and smiled while they did. They were so proud of their work you couldn’t help be happy too, their smiles are infectious.

                                                So proud of their artwork

They had a lot of fun making their artwork!

That same afternoon the other members of the team spent their time at Mayor Mike’s garden to help plow for planting. They plowed using hoes, I was impressed. Nano Lo one of our awe fa's wouldn’t give up, she had 80 and 90 year old women out there and she wasn’t about to let them show her up…Mama Esther’s 90 something year old mother was out there helping too, these woman are not afraid of hard labor.  This was the day that my husband Mac and Jeff Jurgis earned the respect of Mayor Mike and the blisters on their hands proved it. Job well done guys…
Kat and one of the local women

Nano knows how to hoe

Tan and Mac working on fencing

Kat, and Rowena working on the farm

Mac playing zombie farmer in a trench they dug

I realize this entry is all over the place, but that is how my journey was at times, all over the place,  doing what needed to be done and having God open my eyes to His plans

Although I am a nurse you can see that Project Humanity uses all types of people on their trips. All you have to have is a willing heart… and a working passport! For more information and to sign up to help go to