Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And they deliver babies!!!

About 3 days before the end of our first week we headed over to the Tom Mboya clinic that we would be serving during the second week of our trip. We wanted to meet with the chief clinical officer and see what the facilities had in the way of staffing, buildings and supplies.

Tom Mboya Clinic

The waiting area and center part of the clinic

We were greeted by Solomon Majiwa, a very tall man with a sweet smile and a kind spirit. Solomon took us around and showed us the compound.  The facility is one long row of rooms with an open area in the middle where the patients check in to be seen and then sit on concrete or wooden benches until they are called to be treated.  We started on the far left side which was a 4-5 bed ward, and at that time had a few patients being treated for  malaria and end stage of AIDS. Next to it is another ward that was empty and  then some exam rooms and Solomon’s office. Towards the middle where the patients check in, the pharmacy is located.  Walking to the right from the “reception” area starts the women’s and children’s part of the facility. The first room is used for pediatrics, prenatal and postnatal checks. Did I hear him say prenatal checks?? My entire body perked up! Solomon informed us that they deliver babies at this facility! God revealed Himself big time, I knew why I was on this trip!! 
The next room was the lab and the last room is a  5 bed maternity ward, however only 3 of the beds had mattresses on them. A small room off the maternity ward contained 2 birthing beds, to my standards they are from the dark ages, but for them they are functional.  There is an even smaller room off of the delivery room that houses their autoclave for sterilizing instruments (when it works).

                                                Back part of pharmacy

                                               Dispensary area of pharmacy

                      Birthing beds, these do not come apart and they really don't adjust.

Solomon informed us they do about 15 deliveries a month at the facility. It didn’t matter is they did 2, I was in my area of specialty and it was a little piece of Kenyan Heaven! Bring on week 2!

                                 Solomon sporting a PH hat. He always has a smile on his face!

We finished up the visit by getting a list of popularly used items from the pharmacy so we could purchase more for our week in the clinic.  When we left the clinic Darren asked what I thought, and all I could think of was “They deliver babies, I got this!” Little did I know I got it and more that I had ever expected, God had a plan, and I didn’t even have a clue what it would lead to!

Do you feel that God is calling you to do medical mission work in rural countries? Do you put it off because you don’t feel you have what it takes to travel overseas and into strange places to serve the impoverished and uneducated. If you currently work or have worked in the medical field in any capacity and still have the ability to  provide those services, then Project Humanity NEEDS YOU!  Go to and look for upcoming medical trips, you won’t regret it and you will gain so much!