Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sometimes the Hokey Pokey is, What is all about!

I was so impressed with all the donations that the flight attendants managed to bring for the kids. We had shoes in all different sizes, back packs that were loaded with supplies, they had brought and sorted to fill each pack,  toiletry items, a couple of blankets, over 50 soccer balls and even bubbles!
                                           Well someone has to air all the soccer balls up!
                                        Ready to play some soccer!

They spent a lot of time sorting the shoes and then bringing the kids in one at a time to size them and give them their “new” shoes. A lot of these kids didn’t have shoes and if they did there were holes where their toes had sprouted through or they were just worn out. They were over joyed at the new/gently used ones they were given. The sweetest site of the week that summed it all up was the little boy that was in the room with us, the room was on the dark, he started walking and we noticed that he had been given shoes that lit up when he walked, we pointed it out, he proceeded to run around the room stomping his feet in joy.
                                                  Sorting dozens and dozens of shoes
                                                                     New shoes!
                                            Pretty pink ones too!

I walked around the play area watching the kids show each other their new shoes, the little girls with pretty glitter shoes, the boys with the cool action figure tennis shoes, and it surprised me to see several that weren’t wearing their new shoes, they were holding them tightly to their chests, afraid that they were a dream that would fade away. It was happy and sad all in one emotion.

                                      This is the norm.... hanging out and loving on the kids
                                                       Singing with the kids
                                                                 The Hokey Pokey
                                                              Sorting school supplies
                                          I loved working with these girls!

Flight attendants aren’t just pretty faces, they are the most loving, giving and hard working people I have ever met. The amount of supplies they collected and brought was amazing, they brought simple items that made these children feel loved and special. I enjoyed walking around and catching the fa’s holding a sleeping child or playing games, singing silly songs and doing the chicken dance, and there were times that the Hokey Pokey was what it was all about!

If you have a servants heart, or you are just ready to step out of your comfort zone go to volunteer now, we would love to have you as part of our team.