Sunday, March 22, 2015

Multiple Gifts of Chickens and Goats

One of the programs that PH developed was people from the United States  donating money to buy goats and chickens for us to give recipients on the island. Goats were given to widows with the understanding that once they breed the goat they donate the newborn goat back to Kibisom so that they (the school)  can use the goat to help support the school. (A male goat was donated to another school to be used for breeding purposes) The chickens were given to the orphans from the Kibisom, as a result they can raise the chickens and sell their eggs to make money. The last day on the island, Week One gathered together with as many goats as we could find to buy for donations. Accumulation of all the goats paid for was a challenge as the election that was occurring while we were there created a shortage of livestock. I can’t remember how many we finally ended up with, but it was less than half of what we had money for. Teddy, our in country coordinator bought and delivered the rest the next month.

When we gathered it was quite the pomp and circumstance. Several of us took pictures with hand written thank you notes for those who had given us money to buy goats and chickens so they could see the fruit of their donations.

                                         The widows and their new goats
   Jeff and Rowens handing out the chickens
Nothing like posing with a goat

One of my contributors happens to operate a Chik-fil-a, so found a black and white goat to present. The women that received the goats were so excited and appreciative, it was really heart warming.

Watching the kids get their chicken was hilarious, the chickens were almost as big as some of the kids. They were so proud and happy with the gift and knew how much it would help.

It may seem funny to those of us that live comfortably in our brick homes with running water and we know where our next meal comes from, to think about the impact that a simple goat or chicken could have on a family.  To the recipient it means the world, it means food on the table, and money in their pockets.

When we were done handing out goats and chickens Mayor Mike and Chris entertained us with some dance moves, what a fun way to end a productive day.

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